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Palm Trees in the Snow (Palmeras en la Nieve)

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by Luz Gabás Literature

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  • The discovery of the magic, people and beautiful landscapes of the African continent, reminiscent of classic works such as Out of Africa.
  • A journey to a majestic land, an old Spanish colony with a little known history.
  • The great novel about the Spanish decolonisation.
  • More than 150,000 copies sold. The 3rd most visited author in our website during 2012.

It is 1953 and Kilian and his brother Jacobo leave behind the snowy Pyrenees to embark upon a journey to a far off and exotic land: the island of Fernando Poo, in Equatorial Guinea.

Their father, a veteran at Finca Sampaka, one of the best cocoa plantations and roasters in the world, is waiting for them. In this warm, sensuous and evergreen land, the young brothers will learn the meaning of friendship, passion, love and hate. But one of them will cross a forbidden, invisible line. 

In 2003, Clarence, the brothers’ daughter and niece, driven by curiosity about her origins, delves into Kilian and Jacob’s tragic past.

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Feb 2012

About Author

Luz Gabás

Luz Gabás Ariño was born in 1968 in Monzón (Huesca). After spending a year in California, she studied in Zaragoza, where she graduated in English Literature and later became a professor at the University. For years she has combined her university work with translation, writing articles, literary and linguistic research and participation in cultural, theatrical and cinematic projects.

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SpainSpain Sold 72 Bought 55
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